Rotary Club of Somers, CT


Officers 2016-17

President: Bob Schmidt

President -Elect: Keith Burger

Secretary: Joel Emlen

Treasurer: Wes Smith

Webmaster: Bob Schmidt

Foundation Chairman:  Cliff Bordeaux 







 Cliff Bordeaux         Joel Emlen              Keith Burger          Rick  Cheney                 Ed Giza

Jim Henderson         Dick Hutton            Tim Keeney           Wesley Smith Barbara Capuano

Bud Knorr                Bonnie Kumiega      John Larabee         Helene Lessard              Denis Lessard

Jim MacFeat             Dave Marti              Tom Mazzoli          Steve Squillace Mike Nero

David Reed              Ann Rice                 Paul Salva               Bob Schmidt                 Maynard Suffredini

Harold Worcester     Kathy Devlin           Bud Devlin             Steve Rice Patrick Kennedy

 John Doig - Honorary member

Edward Sullivan - Honorary member 

David Reed - Honorary member 

Tom Brewer - Honorary member 





* denotes past President     


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